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Propecia - Anyone on it, and experience no sides?

The chances of anything permanent is very slim is what i'm saying. Now this was 6 years ago when my sex drive was maxxxxxed out like most of the 20

something year olds so to be 100 honest. Reply With" Reply to Thread « Previous Thread Next Thread » Similar Threads Bookmarks Posting Permissions » iahrs » The Bald Truth » americanhairloss. Are there any guys here that have been on propecia (or finpecia) for long periods of time (years that have had no side effects whatsoever? Being concerned like anybody elses would I decided to get blood work done. I dont get why this is happening to me now. I myself have not tried further drug treatments like Clomid to try and boost my own Testosterone production, but may in the future. Is there anything I can do to keep my hair and not have ED? So I continued using it, and luckily, the side effects did completely. Having peace of mind is very important! Best of luck and sorry to hear of your plight at such a young age by kittu » April 6, 2017 at 6:43 am #194507, i know how miserable it is to have hairloss from teenage. I can t recall a time in my entire life when Ive gone 3 days without wanting to masturbate. My overall libido has improved but my hair doesnt seem. After that passed I could swore do you that my penis grew about an inch and I got hornier, above the average, I'll say. If you are serious about treating your hairloss, and you don't experience negative sides, propecia is something you should. (I also hear of some people on propecia who take and anti estrogen and it helps with the side effects of propecia bc of the possibility that all the propecia side effects are increased estrogen related and I kinda believe this myself - my thought. I ve been using Minoxidil foam and Nizoral, but no noticeable difference from. What I can dosaggio tell you is that for myself (you can read my story in Members Stories section) over the past 20 months, things have improved a lot in the sexual department to the point where my semen volume has increased, I am able.

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