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If you skip a few days you start to feel like you are getting a really bad cold, and disoriented. I thought that was a strange one! Discontinuation happens really

quickly and is the harshest I've ever felt (I've come off of Lexapro, amitriptyline and nortriptyline) Also my heartrate has increased slightly. Reviews and ratings for effexor xr when used in the treatment of depression. Hopefully i can join you all soon with positive results. Share your experience: submit a drug review - advertisement). What may not work for you could work for others. I am in my 30's and I had never been "depressed" like that before. Took a few hours ago with breakfast, I expect good results. It may be that you are one of those who have to be on anti-depressants long term and maybe even lifelong. Side effects: The drug made me nauseated the first month I took. Anyone had any success with effexor long -term with side effects that. I went 6 months off the medication before going back to the doctor to be put back. DO NOT miss doses OR stop taking. I m feeling very positive today about the, effexor, xR and the hope that. I don't have any expectations, I just know that doing something is better than doing nothing. Side effects are not intolerable. I"ve been on Effexor Venlafaxine 75mg for 2 weeks then he told me to increase to 2 pills a day, morning and night, feeling so tired all the time, my heart is racing fast, numbness still there, i feel like a balloon and focus.

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Comments: I prednisone side effects heart palpitations must say, I got extremely lucky effexor dosage for ocd with this medication. Posted by: Kelly at I have been on Effexor xr for 3 days. 48 hours later I went into the most hellish withdrawal I ever imagined. It was clomid funziona subito tex to youtube propecia pu?? dare problemi di erezione 2017 trucks toyota quite potent when I first started zithromax antibiotico 3 compresse indicazioni stradalli bikes taking it-and buy viagra online without script overnight delivery the initial side-effects (ie. When i was hospitalized they assigned me with a neurologist and instantly he diagnose me with depression. Just last month I was notified that the tablets were being taken off the market w/in 6months.