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Amoxicillin for zithromax for sinus infection

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and was terrified that it was an STD, but i've had numerous PAPs and all came back fine. Use of Amoxicillin in Sinus Infection. User Reviews for Zithromax. It is starting to feel a little better. This drug contains a mixture of amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium. So much for reading articles that say that most sinus infections clear up in the same amount of time without antibiotics as with. However, if you stopping taking the medication too soon, chances are the infection will return. It didnt totally clear my sinusDrug details for Antibiotics for sinusitis. I did the Zithromax last month but am afraid to start the Cipro I've been given because I don't understand antibiotics and stress dosing and. You need to take the full prescribed amount instructed by your doctor, or until the symptoms no longer exist in a few days. Should I get myself checked too? Azithromycin:Which is better for Sinus Infections : Amoxicillinor Azithromycin? The advice nurse last week said they wouldn't prescribe any since I didn't have a fever; guess my low-grade.2 and long history and crackles did the trick. When taking it in a pill form, remember that it should not be chewed or crushed. ZithromaxFor dilantin kapseals dosage 12 month old baby benadryl Amoxicillin For Sinus Infection- best choice! 1) i noticed those "paper cuts" as well. Good luck to you.

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